How Does Wees Benefit Arizona

WEES Investments Benefit Arizona

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The Water, Environmental and Energy Solutions (WEES) initiative of TRIF supports research and University of Arizona hiring that promotes innovative, practical solutions for water, environmental, and energy sustainability in Arizona. Many findings can also be applied globally in other semi-arid regions facing increasing demands on natural resources and the uncertainties of drought. WEES projects provide a knowledge foundation to optimize sustainable stewardship of Arizona’s lands and water, support resiliency or lead to the creation of a vibrant renewable energy industry in the state.

 'Funding for Innovation: Stories of Success', highlight some of the ways TRIF-WEES Investments benefit Arizona:

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Advancing Arizona'a Status as a Global Water Hub
Real-time water quality testing at the UA Water & Energy Sustainable Technology Center is helping make recycled water a trustworthy water resource for the State. 

Improving Environmental Health 
Collaborative Research at UA's Environment, Exposure and Risk Assessment Center (ESRAC) allows us to respond quickly to public health concerns.

Enhancing Arizona's Energy Efficiency
Renewable energy forecasting helps Arizona's power utilities integrate renewables more reliably into the power grid. 

Expanding Sustainable Mining Practices
The Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining brings industry and UA researchers together to minimize environmental consequences.

Water and Climate Education Empowering the Public
Public information is at the heart of good decision making. Whether reaching out to kids through the interactive website, "Beyond the Mirage", or to agriculturalists via CLIMAS' climate podcast, UA reaches out Arizonans.