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Funding Opportunities




As a state taxpayer-funded initiative, The TRIF-WEES program benefits the state of Arizona while also achieving a high return on investment for the University of Arizona. The WEES initiative works in tandem with the office of Research, Innovation, and Impact (RII) and the office of Research Development Services (RDS) at the University of Arizona to administer the Research Advancement grants process and hiring/startup support provision. The WEES Director oversees the WEES grant review process, which draws on expertise across campus to evaluate proposals in a fair and transparent manner.  Although WEES funds support and report on these grants, the application process is run through the Competition Space on Research Gateway Website. This website also has a listing of all recipients of research advancement grants, though the particular funding source is not differentiated on the site. The link below provides a record of WEES specific investments.


WEES Programmatic Investment Areas

       · Water Security in Arid Environments 
       · Energy Solutions 
       · Ecosystems and Earth’s Biological Systems 
       · Climate and the Earth System 
       · Environmental Health/Pollution 

       · Integrated Research and Data Systems

Grants Supported by TRIF-WEES

Production Grants

Production grants focus on work that spans multiple fields and mediums across the University. These grants may be used to produce original works, performances, or installations. The expenses covered in this grant include: time in a recording studio, film and videography expenses, and travel among many others. Applications for the next award period are not currently being accepted.

Challenge Grants

The Challenge Grant program is a new type of award that seeks to reduce institutional implicit bias in the grant award process by awarding grants to qualifying applications randomly. This program focuses on supporting high-risk, high reward work that collaboratively address grand challenges at the local, state and national level. Applications for the next award period are not currently being accepted.

Student Team Awards

Awards support Graduate Research Assistants (salary, ERE, tuition remission, travel), undergraduate research assistants, and core facility usage to extend an existing research grant or start a new industry collaboration. Applications for the next award period are not currently being accepted.

Accelerate for Success

Federal agencies are increasingly funding larger scale, cross-cutting efforts that address specific transdisciplinary challenges. These grants are designed to catalyze medium to large, strategic transdisciplinary research programs—by creating teams, broadening partnerships, and supporting the proposed plan to result in proposal submission and successful funding. Applications for the next award period are not currently being accepted.

Equipment Enhancement Fund

Equipment Enhancement Fund grants are available to augment scientific capacity through the acquisition of equipment for use by multiple investigators. Equipment is expected to be located in, and administrated by, an approved core facility and operated by existing professional core facility personnel. In extremely well-justified cases, equipment may be purchased for a shared facility. Investigators should request approximately $50,000 in equipment, although in well-justified cases support of up to $100,000 is available.

For all equipment proposed for placement within an approved UA core facility, an additional $30,000 in UA core facility use credits may be requested to stimulate use; core facility use credits may only be used to cover approved user fees in the UA core facility.

Investigators should make a compelling case for how the acquisition of this equipment will enhance the capabilities of the core or shared-use facility, how this acquisition enhances research capacity across departmental and college boundaries, and how this acquisition increases competitiveness for new extramural funding, for both individual PIs, or groups of PIs. (FY20 RDI information)

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