Workshop Grants


WEES offers competitive grants to help fund workshops that further the WEES objectives of integrating water, environment, and energy interests to address issues relevant to our region. Workshops typically are for training, outreach, or the development of large grant proposals.



Terms And Conditions


  • A maximum of $5,000 will be awarded per workshop.
  • Matching funding or other indication of outside support of the workshop is required.
  • Training/outreach workshops should offer opportunities for UA faculty, staff, and/or student participation (i.e., not restricted to outside invitees; even small workshops could allow a few faculty or student observers or have some participants offer a public panel/lecture to UA campus) and encourage cross-disciplinary interaction.
  • Expenditure of TRIF funds must follow established guidelines; note in particular that TRIF funds may not be used to support business/administrative positions.
  • Proposals will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary panel of UA faculty and professional staff.
  • The three WEES programs (WSP, IE, REN) will assist in promoting training and outreach workshops, but those proposing and convening them will be responsible for all logistics.  
  • Awardees must acknowledge WEES funding at the workshop and in any related materials.


A maximum of one workshop proposal per department will be accepted for evaluation. UA faculty, staff, and graduate students may submit proposals. In addition, we will consider interdisciplinary workshops proposed jointly by faculty associated with WSP, IE and/or REN from three or more departments.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Relevance – Addresses water, environmental, and/or energy challenges relevant to Arizona and has an obvious audience who will benefit.
  • Integration – Priority will be given to workshop topics that integrate across at least two areas in the water-environment-energy nexus.
  • Training and outcome – Workshop will provide clear benefits to participants in a way that will help them address water/environment/energy solutions; workshop outcomes will benefit an even larger community or lead to a large, well-organized, well-orchestrated research proposal.
  • Return on investment – Intended outcomes and follow-up will benefit the UA, workshop topic area, and/or the state of Arizona, or shows strong promise for future research funding.

Deadlines For FY2014

  • Proposals are still being accepted for FY20014 funding
  • Workshop must be completed by May 1, 2014
  • Funds are now available
  • Reporting: 30 days after the workshop

 To Apply

Prepare the following before linking to the Workshop Application Form: 

Note: for increased security, you will need to create an account/log in to this site to be able to upload your application files. This will only require a(ny) username and a password and will be instantly activated.

  • Description of the workshop, target audience, expected outcomes, products, and follow-up
  • Description of what new information, insight, or action plan workshop participants will acquire
  • Proposed workshop format: length, types of sessions, proposed speakers
  • Approximate date (or semester)of the workshop
  • Budget: specify the funding you are requesting, as well as any additional funding available from other sources.

Reporting Requirements

A post-event summary of attendees (numbers and general affiliation), outcomes and follow-up is required within 30 days of the workshop.  

  • Workshop Reporting Form
  • Please notify WEES of any proposals, grants, initiatives, articles, books or other outcomes that emerge over the long term as a result of the workshop.