Equipment / Infrastructure Grants

WEES periodically offers competitive grants for the purchase of instrumentation, equipment, or infrastructure needed to enable UA researchers to be more competitive in applying for targeted major grants. This could include investment needed to generate data, conduct pilot projects, increase computing capabilities through software or hardware acquisition, or other related expenditure.

Terms and Conditions

  • Equipment must be used to generate data for a specific, named proposal.
  • Requests should demonstrate additional support (financial and/or in kind) from other UA units or external partners.
  • Typical award amounts will be up to $50K; larger requests will be considered but must demonstrate exceptional potential.
  • Equipment must be guaranteed to be delivered by the end of the fiscal year (i.e. no backorders!) to ensure all funds are expended by then.
  • Proposals will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary panel of the WEES UA Advisory Committee.


  • Individuals holding faculty rank, who have an appointment in the research scientist series of titles, or who have continuing or continuing-eligible status are eligible to apply. Interdisciplinary teams are strongly encouraged.

Evaluation criteria

  • Relevance –equipment will be used to produce data that addresses water, environmental, and/or energy challenges relevant to Arizona
  • Integration – priority will be given to purchases that could be used by multiple disciplines/departments at UA, involve at least two areas in the water-environment-energy nexus, and include partnerships (including matching funding) outside the UA
  • Outcome – proposal clearly defines the value and application of the data to be generated by the equipment and identifies specific proposals that will be targeted
  • Return on investment – intended outcomes will benefit the UA and the state of Arizona in terms of high potential for research funding and external partnerships.

Deadlines: No FY2013 funding opportunities are currently available

  • Proposals are due: TBA
  • Awards will announced by: TBA
  • All funds must be expended by: TBA

To Apply

Prepare the following before linking to the Equipment Grant Application Form:
Note: for increased security, you will need to create an account/log in to this site to be able to upload your application files. This will require entering a(ny) username and your email; you will instantly receive an email providing a password and access.

  • List of internal and external PIs and/or partners involved in the purchase and use of the equipment.
  • Summary (1-2 pages, to be uploaded in pdf format) of the equipment to be purchased, who will use it, the type of data it will produce, and what the data will be used to demonstrate.
  • Information on the targeted proposal this equipment will generate data for: granting agency and specific call, proposal due date, funding start date, possible funding amount, and other funding and sources to be involved in the major proposal work.
  • List of lead PI's grant track record (submittals and awards) over the past 18 months (to be uploaded in pdf format).
  • Budget: itemize the amount you're requesting, the total cost of the equipment (if different), and financial contributions from other UA or outside partners.

Reporting Requirements

Please notify WEES of proposals, grants, initiatives, articles, books or other outcomes that emerge over as a result of the acquisition and use of this equipment.